Tips for Using the VetConnectNTX Directory

Learn how to get started, customize your search, share information and more.


Look for the VetConnect Verified Flag. Agencies whose contact and service information have been verified by VetConnect North Texas display a yellow "verified" flag next to the agency name.

Learn how to quickly read the agency listing and find what you are looking for. Each agency listing is presented in a consistent easy to read format.
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Just getting started and have lots of questions? We have answers. We recommend a visit to our support page for helpful instructions.

Use our list of regional ZIP codes. It contains 30 cities/towns with ZIP codes listed alphabetically.

ZIP code Quick Reference.


Creating an account will unlock other features, like saving search results.

When you create an account, you have access to additional features that make the site work for you. You’ll be able to save your favorites into customized folders, write reviews, and make and update referrals.  

How to Create an Account

  1. In the top right hand corner, click "Sign Up"
  2. Enter your preferred email address
  3. Create a password
  4. Select "I’m searching to help other people"
  5. Click "Sign Up/Log In"

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Narrow your search by choosing from 10 categories that best fit your need. 

You can search for programs by ZIP code and then also narrow your search by choosing one of the 10 categories assigned to the agencies.
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Search by Keyword when you have a specific need.

After you have entered a ZIP code, you can then enter a keyword to further narrow your search to a specific need.  Note that the key word is a smart search, meaning if you search for “light bill” it will take you to programs that help pay for utility assistance.
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When looking for a particular agency, enter your ZIP code first.  Then enter the agency or program name in as a Keyword.


You can easily share the results of your directory search with others.  All you need is their email address and click the "Send to a Friend" button.

Do you know about and agency or resource that should be included?  Make VetConnectNTX stronger.  Recommend agencies for the directory or suggest resources to share on the website.